About The Team
Blake- Team Manager: Blake as Team Manager has been developing the project plan for the Rapid Racing Team. This includes managing the team members into specific roles, the project schedule and the project budget. He has used his confident communication and debating skills to run organised weekly meetings and contact a number of businesses and community representatives to further promote our team and the Engadine High commitment to this competition. He collaborates with Sam on folio and marketing as well as Engineers and specific experts in fields the team needed advice.

Evan- Design Engineer:Evan has used his innovative and original ideas to design our team car. He has consulted with engineers to fine tune his ideas into a super car. These ideas have reduced our race times as his ideas have changed the drag and wind flows around the car. Evan has mastered CATIA software program producing an outstanding rendering and resulting in a champion car!

Tom- Design Engineer:Thomas has concentrated his efforts on using CATIA's Image Shape mode and has mastered its use to produce an effective canister nose cone. This design has improved the aerodynamics of our car and has been confirmed through Thomas’s use of Virtual Wind Tunnel. Thomas has programmed CATIA to create our orthogonal drawing and has incorporated all the rules from the competition. Through Thomas’s mastering of the Virtual Wind Tunnel, we as a team have been able to manipulate our car design to ensure an effective design.

Sam- Graphics Engineer: Sam has used his skills creatively to produce a logo and identity to our team. He has utilised Adobe Photoshop and Publisher. Sam has researched appropriate materials to use for our pit area and has consulted with industry as to file formats and design options to produce a pit of industry standards.

Jack- Research Manager:Jack through both internet research and physically testing products has been able to steer our team to products which will improve the overall performance of our car. Jack has been in charge of purchasing and sourcing the materials required.